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Six Temples is Available Now on STEAM

Master the Battlefield

Six Temples is a real-time strategy RPG played in third person. Explore a vast open world; build up your team’s magical and industrial might; and capture territory to secure victory on a Proto-Earth brimming with mysteries!

  • Play Solo or Co-op in groups up to 8
  • Public and Private Servers
  • Keyboard/Mouse and Full Controller Support

Explore A Massive World

Temples, battles, and adventures are yours to find in a complex open world. Play with friends in groups of up to 8 players, or set out on your own toward the ends of the earth! 

  • Create your character and follow the path you choose
  • Hundreds of miles of unsettled territory

Advance the Grand Strategy

As you progress through magical and industrial technologies, you’ll build holy machines and super weapons of unlimited power. Manage your empire and contribute to a dynamic world economy. As the World Age progresses, anything is possible. How will you achieve the ultimate victory?