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Six Temples

1200 Players Join the Six Temples Private Beta

1200 Players

We are excited to announce that the first wave of Private Beta testing has completely filled up in little more than one week since the game was revealed, with more than 1,200 players signing up to play and provide feedback on Six Temples.

On behalf of the development team, we want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed up in this group! We are incredibly excited to have you try the game for the first time!

Up Next

Now that our first testing group is set, we are planning a few “get to know” events that will take place in our community Discord server––and, of course, working night and day to finish the Private Beta release!

We are estimating the Private Beta will open during the week of October 20-27, and run for at least one month. As we get closer we will announce a firm date; with server planning in multiple regions and other moving parts on the development side, we do not want to set a particular day at this point and end up changing it.

What to Expect

Beta Testers can expect to receive a series of communications from us in the coming weeks.

  • We will send an email asking you to claim a Six Temples Beta key on our website.
  • The key will be valid for 1 copy of Six Temples Beta on Steam. You can install the game any time after getting your key.
  • We will send additional info about reporting bugs and providing feedback through official channels.
Missed Signups?

If you missed signups for the Private Beta, fear not! While we are full up to our player/server quota right now, you can Sign Up for an invite to the next Private Beta wave, which should get underway in November.