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May 2020

As we continue to work on the next Major Update, this patch fixes several bugs that we wanted to make sure are resolved as soon as possible. There were a few issues with AI players and NPCs that are now smoothed out, making online matches and custom games against AI much more competitive. BUG

This small patch fixes a few bugs we found in Update 0.6.5, and adds improvements to Combat and UI. Expect significant new changes, improvements, and a good deal of new content in our next Major Update, slated for next week! COMBAT Improved Blocking mechanics: successful Blocks are physically blended and more accurately felt Reduced

EFFECTS IMPROVEMENTS We added a comprehensive new system to handle hit impact effects on various surface types, including flesh, armor, wood, sand, bone, and many more! For example, striking Skeleton Warriors now produces a cloud of bone dust, and a corresponding bone-crunching sound effect. The system also applies to footstep impacts with various surface types,