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Six Temples

An Update on Early Access

Since the first Alpha playtests, our vision for Six Temples has expanded. With your help during playtesting, we found some things that work really well and others that don’t. At this point, we know exactly what we want Six Temples to be: a magical Strategy game set in a massive open world filled with arcane structures and technology.

Despite this, we are realistic with the fact that with our small team, it will take a considerable amount of time to bring the game to a playable state. While we were hopeful it would be done by now, the technical hurdles are substantial, and we are looking at a difficult roadmap to get to full release.

Instead of releasing incomplete updates while working against these technical issues, we’ve come up with a better plan. Six Temples will be evolving into a NEW GAME with a new title and new identity, while Six Temples Early Access will be taken offline for now, to return in the future. (Note: The offline Custom Game modes in the current release will continue to work just fine.)

While this will be a change of direction, the new game simplifies and improves on what we already have. Essentially we are taking the new content we’ve made for Six Temples since Early Access debuted last year, including much of the open world, and building a new game from the ground up. We’re looking forward to getting a playable demo done quickly, and we’re excited to share it with you soon!

We can’t thank you all enough for trying our game and giving us your feedback thus far. We promise there is much more in store. Stay tuned!


Six Temples Dev Team