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Six Temples is Available Now on STEAM

Six Temples

Big News Coming Soon…

Looking Ahead to v1.0

The past couple months we’ve been hard at work in the background, so we wanted to send a quick word about what we’re working on. After more than a year of development, we are nearly ready to set a launch date for Version 1.0!

Big Things Brewing

Following our playtesting in May and feedback we received, we started designing big changes for Six Temples. The technical side of the game is solid, with no server issues or major bugs to speak of at this point, but we weren’t totally happy with the gameplay. We’re about to change that in a big way.

The changes are almost ready. We will soon be revealing the full roadmap for Six Temples through v1.0 release!

Thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride so far. Be warned, it’s about to get wild.

Six Temples Dev Team