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Six Temples

November Dev Update

We’ve been working hard on the next updates to Six Temples, despite half our team being on vacation at some point this month.

With the next major update slated for Private Beta servers before the end of November, we wanted to provide a first look at some of the things we’re working on, and a quick rundown of everything we plan to add to the game over the next several weeks.

Many of the new features and improvements have been requested by our Private Beta testing group, who have been awesome as we continue to make adjustments to the game. We appreciate all of your feedback and bug reports!

Next Update Preview

  • Arena Mode: 24 players, 2 teams, unlimited relics. Be the team with the most relics in your Temple to win the game, or, well, lose.
  • Map Update: Completely reworked Acropolis map, with major improvements to level design.
  • New Abilities System: Simplified abilities that put the focus on combat. Updated default control scheme for Controller users.
  • Plus dozens of bug fixes and visual improvements.


Screenshot: The reworked Acropolis, now with a more optimized Arena game mode.  (In Development)

New Heroes

We are about to take the wraps off of three new Hero characters, who will join the roster of playable Heroes in Six Temples shortly. Here are first looks of The Shaman and The Count!

The Shaman  (In Development)

The Count  (In Development)


On the way to Open Beta, there are a number of improvements we are making to the game that we want to test and optimize before wide release. Major updates through the end of the year and first weeks of 2020 will include:

  • New HUD and Menu system: Completely overhauled UI design for HUD and Menus.
  • BIG melee combat update: 2 Weapons per Hero. Weapon customization. Unique weapon Specials. Updates to Blocking, Stun, and Knock Back mechanics.
  • Territory Game Mode, featuring a brand new, 1km map designed for 96+ players.
  • Items – Complete roster of usable items, including equippable melee, ranged, and magic weapons.
  • Relics – Complete roster of lost relics that empower Temples with arcane defenses.
  • Bots – AI heroes will backfill vacant slots when games have less than 24 players.
  • Party System – Invite Steam friends to a party and join games together.
  • Automated Matchmaking – Global match queueing system that selects best servers to join or starts a new server on demand.


Screenshot: Alkazar, a new Territory/Grand Battle map.  (In Development)