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Immersive Melee

Play a melee combat game the way it should be played, with controls designed to be intuitive and accurate. Melee combat in Six Temples offers myriad possibilities to chain class-specific attacks, power-ups, abilities, and magic items on the fly.


Physics-based Combat

Experience real-time physics simulation on a mythic scale, powered by Unreal Engine 4. Feel the full impact of your power with visceral hit reactions and Finishing Moves.

Ranged Heroes

Close combat not your style? Play a ranged character like The Wizard, who deals damage with fire magic from afar, aiding his team with Healing and Area-of-Effect abilities.


Magic Skills

Each Hero has a variety of unique skills and abilities that may be used at any time, at the cost of Energy.


Each round of Six Temples takes place on a randomly generated 1km² map, with six temples and more than a dozen special shrines hidden in the landscape. Discover, capture, and defend the control points to lead your team to victory.


Temples are the strategic keys to victory, granting control of surrounding territory. Ownership of temples also grants access to powerful Items from the Temple vendor. Use Recall to open a portal to any point under your team’s control.


A limited number of super-powerful artifacts can be found in Shrines around the map. Artifacts are used to upgrade temples with special offensive and defensive properties that boost your entire team.


The match ends at the conclusion of the Round Timer, or when one team captures all six temples. Capture and hold the most territory to win.

Control the Map

Expand your territory by capturing nearby control points, and strategize with your team to hold off opponents. There are three types of control points:


Temples are the backbone of your territory, granting the largest area of control.


Shrines contain magical Artifacts used to bolster Temple defenses, and work well as outer control points.


Graveyards serve as important Respawn points for your team.


Epic Battles

With 36 players per match, every round is an intense battle to the finish. There is no single Hero that does it all –– team communication is critical to success, whether you are in the realm of the living or the dead.


Skill-based Matchmaking

Play with the best, or hop on for a casual game. The Six Temples matchmaking system guarantees the best possible, and fairest possible game for every player.