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Six Temples

Major Update 0.5 – Sultans and Skeletons

We are proud to announce the release of our biggest update yet! While the core of the game remains the same, we’ve added several new features that place Six Temples in a genre of its own. The new update includes gruesome and terrifying mobs, a skill progression system, treasure and item upgrades, as well as several combat system improvements.

These changes are all results of your beta testing feedback. We thank everyone who has downloaded and played the beta for their valuable feedback as we approach the Early Access release of Six Temples on Steam.

If you haven’t joined the beta yet, now’s your last chance as we are entering the final beta phase of Six Temples before Early Access launches on April 17th. Join the beta here and don’t forget to join our Discord!


  • Mobs – Dynamic skeleton mobs guard new graveyards. These graveyards must be captured by each team, and once captured, the skeletons will join the team. I guess loyalty doesn’t exist in the afterlife.
  • Bosses – The intimidating Sultan of Greed guards each team’s respective Temple and protects its treasure. Defeating the Sultan brings instant victory to the attacking team. Beware, he’s no pushover!
  • Treasure – Mobs that spawn throughout the map drop treasure once defeated, which can be redeemed at the Temple for valuable items that will turn the tide of battle!


  • Dazing – Charge up your main attack by holding down the attack button to unleash a powerful strike on your opponent which might leave him dazed. Landing a hit on an opponent has a chance to leave him dazed for 1-3 seconds, or it can completely send him flying!
  • Parrying – Parrying and Attack Canceling have been added to improve combat, both in terms of fun and balance. Parrying an attack provides you with a 1-second opening to strike your opponent, while Attack Canceling occurs when two players attack each other at the same time, thus canceling both attacks and causing a 1-second combat delay.
  • A Hit is a Hit – Vastly improved hit detection means your strikes hit where you intended them to hit.
  • Physically Accurate – Improved hit reactions and physics-powered animations give a more visceral and realistic feel to combat.


  • Skills – Six Temples now has an in-game skill progression system! Gain XP levels by killing mobs, looting treasure, and defeating opponents from the other team.
  • Paths – As you gain XP levels, you can further progress through your hero’s unique skill paths, unlocking unique abilities to use in each match. Skills are chosen and upgraded within each match (not permanently), so you can roll Heroes exactly how you like them in each situation.


  • Temple DIY – We’ve overhauled Acropolis, now called Alkazar, to fit the massive Sultan who now lives in the map’s resplendent temples. He made us do it and we were not in a position to say no.
  • Graveyards and Fortifications – As mentioned previously, we’ve added one forward respawn area for each team, a neutral zone, and many new walls and defensive points.
  • More is Better – We’ve increased the default players per team to 16 to achieve better density on the map. Now it’s a party!


Noob or Pro – Thanks to player feedback regarding bots, we were able to determine that the bots in the game were just not cutting it. Now bots may spawn with one of four possible difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and INSANE. Bots will now provide more of a challenge and act more human-like, which sounds pretty scary now that I think about it.

What’s in a Name? – Massive thanks to our community for coming up with some clever and unique bot names, which are now being added to the game! You guys are really creative.



The major updates to Six Temples are far from finished. What’s next?

Group Features – We’re finally at a point where we feel comfortable with the core systems and frameworks behind Six Temples, such as combat, skills, and stats. That said, there are a few major things like Matchmaking and Parties still to come.

Quality Updates, Lots of Them – Now that the base of the game is substantially completed, we can start devoting much more time to the little things that make the game shine. We’re excited to fully update the HUD and UI, animations, visual effects, and sound effects where needed.

New Heroes – The sagely Priestess and the cunning Hunter will soon be available to play, rounding out the first 8 heroes of Six Temples!


Anything in particular you want to see? Let us know. We’re listening!