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Six Temples

Major Update 0.6.4 – New Faces, New Arena


You may have noticed a lack of a certain female charm in the Six Temples cast of heroes. Well, that ends today as we proudly announce two new heroes! Entering the battle for the first time are:

  • The Hunter – The cunning and beautiful Hunter brings the ancient art of archery to Six Temples. She has all the qualities you’d expect from an experienced hunter: she can set Traps and comes armed with Hunting Knives. Don’t even think about trying to sneak up on her. Her ultimate moves equip her with Fire Arrows and Exploding Arrows that can take down even the most well-armored opponent.
  • The Priestess – Rounding out the 8-hero roster, the benevolent Priestess has a dedicated Healing Staff to fix all your boo-boo’s, and her healing Ultimate Abilities help ensure her fellow teammates remain on their feet.


We’ve added a new game mode featuring a smaller arena map, and it’s the perfect mode to play if you’ve got a score to settle with someone.

The new Duel mode features 1v1 competition on a new, purpose-built map, Karabah. The first player to reach 6 points by scoring kills on the other wins the match, while Ultimate Abilities and Items remain available. We like this map/mode because it easily pushes 144fps, and really lets you feel out the timing of the Directional Melee Combat system (read: you will have to be on your toes to block the Insane Mode AI). We want this to serve as a template for the other maps and modes, as we push them into the same performance tier.

Duel is now available in Online and Offline modes, and auto-populates with AI players of varying difficulty levels, so jump in and give it a shot!


Combat System

  • Blocking, Parrying, and Stunning have been reworked to allow split-second reactions on successful blocks.
  • Knockdowns and other physical effects are now more accurately based on the strength and realistic weapon weight of each Hero.
  • Air attacks and rolling dodges are now possible. Find the keyboard/controller bindings in the Settings menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Hero Selection screens would run at reduced framerate
  • Fixed bug with ‘Invert Y Axis Look Direction’ setting
  • Fixed bug where Heroes would draw their weapons twice on the Main Menu
  • Fixed bug with Nameplates over player’s heads, where nameplates would sometimes not appear
  • Too many more to list, check out the full Patch Notes here!