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Six Temples

Private Beta – Build 2 Patch Notes

Build 2 has been pushed to live servers, along with a small Steam update. We’ve addressed almost every bug reported so far in the Private Beta, made some initial cosmetic changes, and officially launched the Training Mode servers.

What’s New

Server Browser

  • Fixed bugs where selected server could not be joined


  • You will now automatically drop artifacts when falling or swimming
  • Dropped artifacts will now always go to the ground, and won’t float above head height.
  • Artifacts will now return to their Shrines after being dropped and unattended for multiple minutes.
  • Artifacts are now shown on the map when dropped on the ground.


  • Ragdolling into water when alive will now “wake” the character and begin swimming.

Chat Box Improvements

  • Chat box edge shadow has been visually improved.
  • Scroll bar on chat box is now hidden.
  • Text in chat box will now be better formatted, and will wrap at end of line more cleanly.

Combat & Abilities

  • Abilities, buffs, and de-buffs can now modify your weapon swing trail effects.
  • Added new trail effects for 17 Abilities.
  • Weapon swing trail effects now fade out smoothly.


  • Fixed progress bar on HUD for capturing temples

Training Mode

  • Training Mode servers are now online and available to play. Training Mode takes place on a smaller arena-sized map, and features no death or respawn (you can simply stand up after reaching zero health), as well as unlimited Power Level (you can use any of your Abilities/Skills at any time).