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Six Temples

Private Beta – Build 3 Patch Notes

Build 3 is now available on live servers. The major news in this mid-week patch is the addition of voice chat by Vivox, providing crystal clear, positional surround-sound audio on Team and World channels.

What’s New

Vivox Voice Chat

  • Implemented Team and World voice chat channels with Vivox, including positional audio (players’ voices will be heard in surround sound from the direction of their in-game character). 
  • The default key bindings for push-to-talk Voice chat are T (Team) and Y (World)

Feedback Report

  • Added a Feedback Report menu where players can send comments, concerns, and suggestions directly to the development team. We invite all Private Beta players to send us their feedback!
  • Feedback Report can be found on the Main Menu.


  • Fixed walking animations while carrying items (including Relics). Feet and body now move naturally. 

User Interface

  • Added a new desktop icon for the packaged game on Windows, replacing the default Unreal Engine icon.