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Six Temples

Private Beta – Build 4 Patch Notes

One week since opening the Private Beta, we’ve already made myriad changes to the core gameplay and appearance of Six Temples. In addition to graphical, UI, and gameplay tweaks, today’s build includes a new game mode that is played on a smaller version of the Acropolis map.

Arena Mode

The new game mode features two teams of 12 players, each trying to hoard all the map’s Relics.

Arena Mode will be the only mode available on Private Beta servers for the near future, as we rework the larger version of the map into a large-scale territory battle mode featuring up to 8 teams and 96 players per round.

What’s New

New map Acropolis-Arena features an evenly-spaced battleground set between two identical Temples.

New game mode Fortified:

  • Each team starts with a Temple under their control
  • Teams must recover Relics from the map and bring them to their Temple to gain Victory Points
  • Victory Points are gained over time as Relics remain active in Temples
  • The first team to accrue 500 Victory Points wins the Round


In response to player feedback, Jump has replaced Dodge for all Heroes!

  • Default key binding is Space bar on Keyboard
  • Key binding for “Dodging” has been renamed to “Jumping” in Settings

Training Mode

We fixed a major bug in the Training Arena, where players could only die once before they would lose control of their character and become unable to move. Training Mode now works reliably, granting players unlimited Power and automatic health replenishment when they reach zero.

UI Improvements

  • Player names and health bars are now removed immediately upon death, and while feigning death. (Previously, they persisted for several seconds after death, giving the appearance that a player was still alive.)
  • Players are now removed from the Scoreboard and Round Summary screens immediately when they disconnect from a game.
  • Player names are now displayed in the Kill Feed message for joining/leaving a server.

Bug Fixes

  • Positional voice chat now works more reliably in the World channel (default key binding – Y on Keyboard).
  • Relic – Essence of Fire no longer hurts the team who owns the Temple where it is active. The fire wall now spawns along the ground for Temples with elevated Relic pedestals, instead of forming a ring of fire in air.
  • Team Point boxes displayed on the Scoreboard no longer duplicate when new players connect.
  • Ping values shown on the Scoreboard are now accurate.

Known Bugs & Issues

  • Attacking is currently not possible while jumping. This will be improved in future updates as we fully integrate Jumping into the combat system.
  • “Change Hero” will soft lock the game if your player is out of bounds, or otherwise does not exist.
  • The Training Arena map has no boundary on the edge, nor a kill-z for falling off. Be careful!
  • The Wizard’s Magic Armor ability breaks if you jump and land on the ground.
  • Taking Poison damage over time (DOT) may cause fall damage to apply DOT as well.
  • The ocean does not have swimmable water. There are trees and land vegetation under the ocean surface.