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Six Temples

Private Beta – Build 5 Patch Notes

Private Beta – Update 5 is now live on Private Beta servers, marking the beginning of Private Beta Wave 2! With this update we introduced multiple new elements, which we think significantly improve the flow and feel of the game. As always, we welcome your feedback through our Discord community and in-game Feedback Report.

Directional Melee

In Build 5 we made significant improvements to the combat system. In particular we added the ability to swing melee weapons in a given direction, along with the ability to direct Blocks toward a given direction.

The melee weapon wielding Heroes (currently Barbarian and Mercenary) each have four directions they can attack: Left, Right, Overhead (Up), and Forward (Down). Using each of these attacks is as simple as moving the mouse in the corresponding direction while executing an Attack (or moving Right Stick on controller).


  • The new directional combat system has four key attack directions: LeftRightOverhead (Up), and Thrust (Down).
  • Directional blocking corresponds to the same four directions.
  • To successfully block an incoming attack, the block must be made in the same direction as the attack.

‘Fortified’ Game Mode

The Fortified game mode features 24 players on 2 teams, each with a Temple on one end of the map.

Throughout the game, teams need to recover magic Relics from the interior of the map, bringing them back to their Temple to gain points and improve their defenses. The first team to activate all the relics available on the map inside their own Temple wins the game.


  • Magical Relics spawn in the map on certain intervals
  • Bringing Relics back to your home Temple scores points and activates special defensive abilities

Acropolis Update

The Acropolis map has been heavily redesigned. In addition to a fixed 2-temple format, the map now includes 7 small “zones” that can be captured by either team, providing passive bonuses while held.

  • Healing Fountains: Areas where the controlling team will gain passive health regeneration.
  • Power Zones: Areas where the controlling team will gain passive Power regeneration.
  • Graveyard: Serves as a forward Respawn Point for the controlling team.

Bug Fixes

There are so many minor improvements and changes that it would be exhausting to list them here, but we focused changes in several major areas, including:

  • Character Assets: Significant updates and changes to character clothing, hair, cloth simulation, and other assets
  • HUD/User Interface: Updates to sound effects, sizing, and positioning of UI elements on screen
  • Items: Picking up, using, and running with Items is much smoother
  • Environment: Fixed numerous issues with lighting and shaders affecting the appearance of landscape textures; updates to sound effects, bounds, water