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Six Temples

Signups for the Private Beta are Open Now

The Six Temples Private Beta kicks off in October 2019

We are excited to announce that Six Temples will open a limited Private Beta beginning later this month. We are inviting our first group of Beta Testers to experience Six Temples and provide feedback on the game.

As we enter the Private Beta phase of development, we are putting our best foot forward by staging the full Six Temples game on its first completed map, Acropolis, with three completed Heroes: The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Mercenary.

Beta players can expect to try out:

  • Three valiant Heroes with unique melee & magic combat styles: The Barbarian, The Wizard, and The Mercenary
  • One full-sized dynamic map, Acropolis, with six finished temples and dozens of shrines and graveyards
  • Physics-based melee combat
  • Territory Control game mode with capture points
  • Magical Artifacts and Items that turn the tides of battle
Beta Tester Bonuses

For a limited time, we are giving away FREE digital copies of Six Temples to participating Private Beta players, redeemable after Six Temples launches in 2020.

Signing up in our first wave of beta testing guarantees you access to all future beta testing phases through launch in 2020. Participating players will also get a permanent, optional “Beta Tester” title linked to their Steam account to show off early support after the game launches.

Opening Date

We are working hard to push out the best possible game on Private Beta opening day, scheduled for late October. Stay tuned on the Blog, social media, and Discord community for news as the date approaches.

Sign Up

There are limited Private Beta spots and free copies available. Sign Up now to secure your spot.

We look forward to seeing you in the game!