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Six Temples

Private Beta – Update 6 Patch Notes

Update 6 is focused on technical improvements and bugs found during last weekend’s play test. After implementing several major changes to the game last week, we’ve continued to smooth out graphical and gameplay bugs.


  • Character hair and eye shaders have been optimized to add realism.
  • Character skin shaders have been improved to add realism.
  • Resolved a major shader issue that affected lighting of all Hero characters.
  • The Barbarian’s sword has been updated to a cleaner look.


  • Relics can now be dropped by pressing F, or by attempting to Attack.
  • You can now sprint while carrying Relics, up to a maximum speed of approximately 80% of normal sprint speed.
  • You can now switch between items/weapons instantly (animation time not considered).
  • Charged-up Attacks have been completely refactored to allow more control. We will be fine-tuning the animations more.
  • Added Sprint Toggle key binding in addition to the default “Hold to Sprint” key binding. Sprint Toggle is enabled by default on controllers on Left Thumbstick Button (L3).
  • Healing Fountains are now much more effective (an error in the last update made them heal only 1 HP per second).

Bug Fixes

  • Relics: Particle effects will disappear while Relics are being carried, for ease of visibility. Relics emit a visible particle effect anywhere else on the map.
  • Relics: Fixed issues with character deformation when bringing relics into water.
  • Mercenary: Fixed animation blend issue when running forward-left.
  • Resolved issue where falling into the ocean as a ragdoll would depossess the player.
  • Resolved issue where Team voice channels were not working.


The next major update will feature a number of important changes, including:

  • New Hero Characters – The Shaman, The Count, and The Executioner
  • HUD and Menu Screens – Complete overhaul

Please bear with us if this next update is 2-3 weeks away, as there is a lot of new content involved in these changes.

We are also working actively on performance optimization and graphics settings that will help make the game playable on most PCs and laptops.