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Six Temples

Six Temples is Coming to Steam in 2020

Introducing Six Temples, a competitive fantasy action-strategy game on Steam

Developer Camel Cup Graphics today announced Six Temples, a new competitive multiplayer territory control game that takes place in a mythic fantasy setting. In Six Temples, players choose 1 of 10 heroes per match, compete in robust procedurally-generated maps, and fight for territory among 36 players by capturing six of the map’s temples.

The game is set to release on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux in early 2020.

Six Temples brings engaging melee combat, jaw-dropping magic abilities, incredible and diverse battle characters, competitive timed matches, and environmental destruction all in robust procedurally-generated arenas. The game’s Private Beta is slated to open sometime in October, and interested players can Sign Up for a chance to play.

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