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Six Temples

Six Temples Private Beta is Live

We are happy to announce that the Six Temples Private Beta has successfully launched, and is now available to play on Steam!

Servers & Scheduled Events

For the time being, we have launched servers in North America and Europe, with Asia/Oceania to follow in the near future.
Servers will remain online 24 hours a day throughout the Private Beta period, so players are welcome to jump on and try the game any time. Please look out for announcements about specific times when we will invite players to join the game, as we continue stress-testing the game.

Providing Feedback & Bug Reports

While we are extremely pleased to make the game available to play at this stage, the most important part of the Private Beta is listening to your feedback and suggestions. We are looking for feedback not only on bugs and critical issues, but on everything else, including all aspects of gameplay.
There are multiple ways you can provide feedback, and we encourage you to use any or all of them as often as you like:
  • Bug Report feature in-game: Look for Bug Report on the Pause menu, these reports go directly to the developers
  • Steam Community: Feel free to post on our official Steam Community page, which we are monitoring on a daily basis
  • Discord Server: Join our official Discord server and communicate directly with the devs, plus stay up to date on development news, and play with 300+ other members!