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Six Temples

Update 0.2 – Blood, Gore, and More

The latest update to the Six Temples Private Beta brings substantial improvements to graphics and sound effects, including blood effects in combat, and completely overhauled visual effects for each Hero’s special abilities. It’s a whole new game, and we’re excited to see what you think of it!

Visit Sign Up to get a Steam key instantly, or join us on Discord to request a key. As always, we welcome your feedback on this update. We look forward to seeing you in the game!



Combat in Six Temples now features visceral blood spray and splatter, which we feel is a key component of any satisfying combat system. Blood that is separated from its owner will cover the surrounding environment, and even leave footprints when tracked through. Though we plan to improve the blood effects even more, it is already making a huge impact on the look and feel of combat in the game. Give it a try and let us know what you think!



Next time you log in, you’ll notice the game sounds significantly more lively. We added hit sounds, grunts, heavy breathing based on activity, vocal taunts, and numerous other sounds to each character that bring them to life like never before. PLEASE NOTE! The voice samples in use for some Heroes are placeholders as we source professional voice acting talent to fill out each unique Hero personality.



Did you know that you can throw punches as a ghost in Six Temples? Well, now you do! In this update we massively overhauled the Spirit Realm, also known as the place you go when you die before respawn. Heroes can transform into a “manifested” ghost version of themselves after death, and proceed to fight ghosts and living players alike with uppercuts, jabs, and roundhouses. In addition, the spirit-sensing Shaman can deal damage to ghosts, and retains a superior ghost form when dead, which we like to call the Super Shaman!



We made significant changes elsewhere, in fact, too many to list. The most significant include AI behavior updates to make bots more mobile and dynamic in combat; new skills and secondary weapons for Barbarian, Wizard, and Shaman; and major bug fixes including certain “Fatal Error” crashes on Windows.

  • Significant changes to AI logic for getting relics. Should never take one already held.
  • Potion drinking sounds should properly attenuate.
  • Animations when carrying items will now be blended better.
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes lose their character and become unable to do anything.
  • Disabled HUD icons for players.
  • Removed Vitality and Aura of Vitality from Wizard, and replaced them with Inferno and Meteor Shower.
  • Fixed order of abilities on Wizard (was reversed).
  • Fixed power requirements for all “power” abilities.
  • Shamans have a new ability, Cleanse, instead of Manifest.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes attacking would not draw weapon.
  • Resurrection “portals” emit sound (Relics of Resurrection and interior of Temples).
  • Fixed bug where AI would be unable to get up if they went into ragdoll state.
  • Tweaked jumping by increasing gravity. Added system for Hero mass; Executioner currently has slightly more mass than others.
  • Fixed bugs with any ability/mod that freezes you in place.
  • Barbarian now has an “Unarmed” secondary weapon (his fists).
  • Water effects will no longer pop in when you’re not in water.
  • Fixed bug where Power would spike when some abilities are activated.
  • Wizard’s Temporal Shift ability now absorbs all damage.
  • Temporal Shift duration changed to 30, from 60.