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Six Temples

Update 0.3 – Bugs Squashed, Performance Increased

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we were able to identify several bugs and add several improvements to the game. Big thanks to everyone that participated in beta testing and provided feedback. With these major bug fixes over and done with, we’re excited to inform you that now we’re turning our attention to MAJOR gameplay and game mechanics changes. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t joined the beta yet, just go here. We welcome all forms of appropriate feedback and criticism so when you play the beta make sure to share your thoughts with us in our Discord.


We’ve added support for DirectX 11, resolving issues where the game would not start on older Windows machines. This should also fix issues for anyone using non-DX12 settings. We’ve also resolved a major bug that was causing players to crash when they would Alt-Tab or minimize the game.


We’ve streamlined the Fortify game mode a bit after some player feedback. The number of relic pedestals in each team’s temple has been lowered to three, and the number of relics that spawn during a match has been lowered to five. The biggest Fortify change, however, is the maximum score needed to win a game has been drastically lowered to 1,000 from 5,000.


After listening to player feedback regarding performance issues while playing Six Temples, we’ve dug deep to make several improvements in this regard. Alkazar should now run significantly better on all machines due to various changes we’ve made. We’ve also made changes to the LOW graphics settings preset which should greatly improve performance and solve several issues players were having such as incorrect lighting and shadows.


In addition to major bugs and performance issues, we fixed several other lingering bugs in this update:

  • Resolved bug where players would sometimes become invisible
  • Resolved bug where a targeted player would sometimes remain targeted after moving away
  • Wizard: fixed bugs with Temporal Shift and Shield abilities
  • Executioner: fixed bugs with abilities
  • UI: fixed bug where Steam friends would be listed multiple times
  • UI: fixed bug overlaying untextured spheres on Hero Selection
  • Added limitations to Feign Death (ragdoll) function to prevent disconnecting from camera and other unwanted effects