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Six Temples

Update 0.6.2 – Performance Upgrades, Bug Fixes

Performance Upgrades

We got a lot of feedback from players experiencing subpar performance the first time the game started. To resolve this, we rebalanced and optimized the performance settings that are automatically applied the first time you launch Six Temples.

This should result in graphics pre-sets of Low, Medium, and High being accurately and automatically applied depending on the graphics card (GPU) your computer is running, while keeping the game looking as good as possible at all times!

Of course, you can still customize your in-game graphics settings from Low up to Cinematic quality levels on standard rendering settings. The auto-optimizer only runs the first time you ever launch the game, but it does a pretty good job of delivering maximum FPS for visual quality on its own.

Combat Improvements

Combat is the very core of Six Temples, and we expect to make continuous tweaks and improvements in this area. This patch includes few important updates:
  • Intervals between attacks have been shortened to allow for quicker rallies. Chain attacks in all four directions one after another, until interrupted by a block or attack cancelation.
  • Parrying has been improved, allowing quicker return attacks after successful blocks.
  • Attacking in the air is now possible! Attacks in all four directions can be used while jumping, and while falling.

Smoothed Out Animations

Nearly every animation in the game has been updated since Friday’s release, resulting in much smoother and more physically accurate movement.

We feel there is still room for improvement, especially as we add additional weapons for each Hero. Nonetheless, the changes in this update are a substantial upgrade to the feel of movement and combat in the game!

UI Bugs & Improvements

  • Fixed issue where icons on Hero Selection would sometimes require double-clicking
  • Enhanced sound effects for Hero Selection UI

Gameplay Bugs & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with AI behavior where bots would sometimes fail to reach a target
  • Fixed issue where bots would sometimes appear without holding a weapon
  • Fixed issue where certain Abilities would fail to activate, or would display a “Not Available” message despite activating

VFX/SFX Bugs & Improvements

  • Updated the rigging on multiple Heroes, resulting in smoother and more realistic movement
  • Fixed issue where Stun kicking would play an incorrect sound cue for the Hero
  • Fixed issue where some Heroes would not play footstep sounds on various surfaces

Known Bugs

While we wanted to get this patch out as soon as possible, we are working on a second round of fixes for the last major release. These should be tested and fully resolved in next update:
  • Offline Modes may incorrectly show Hero Selection screen after death
  • Hero Selection is sometimes offset, misplacing the Hero on the screen
  • Changing Settings sometimes results in a “Load Error” that reloads the Main Menu
  • The presets in Video Settings do not match the currently set values the first time the game is launched
  • Heroes appear to begin drawing their weapon twice when loading into the Main Menu or a new game

Find a bug? Let us know with the in-game Bug Report screen (found in the Pause menu), or post it in the Feedback & Suggestions board on the Six Temples Community Hub.