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Six Temples

Update 0.6.5 – AI and Effects Improvements


We added a comprehensive new system to handle hit impact effects on various surface types, including flesh, armor, wood, sand, bone, and many more! For example, striking Skeleton Warriors now produces a cloud of bone dust, and a corresponding bone-crunching sound effect.

The system also applies to footstep impacts with various surface types, producing highly satisfying dust clouds, splashes, and other effects as you traverse each map.

Now that this system is in place, we plan to improve the look and feel of impacts throughout the game with custom particles and other effects. Expect much more in the next major update!

In addition to the new impact effects, we’ve tweaked audio in other areas including UI and Hero sounds.


As part of a future update coming in May, we updated the AI behavior logic for both AI players and mobs to address issues we noticed in Duel games.

  • Threat radius adjusted for mobs to recognize players sooner
  • Behavior commitment logic adjusted for AI players to reassess threats and other goals more frequently, so they are less single-minded on existing goals
  • Adjusted the Executioner’s Axe and Count’s Impaling Stake to improve hit detection
  • Added new HUD indicators to show locations of Relics in Fortify games
  • Increased max visibility distance of teammates’ names and health bars to better see your team’s position on the map
  • Major bug affecting some AMD Radeon GPUs has been resolved, allowing the affected GPUs to launch the game
  • Custom Game setup menu would set default team size incorrectly for Duel games
  • Picking up items in Custom Games would not play a sound
  • Opening the Pause Menu during the Match Countdown would place it behind the countdown
  • Being Dazed while in the air would sometimes cause the Dazed affect to be applied every time you land from a jump thereafter
  • Notification messages would sometimes be displayed multiple times in Custom Games
  • Landing from a jump would sometimes apply a permanent lean to your character