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Six Temples

Update 0.6.7 – Release Notes

As we continue to work on the next Major Update, this patch fixes several bugs that we wanted to make sure are resolved as soon as possible. There were a few issues with AI players and NPCs that are now smoothed out, making online matches and custom games against AI much more competitive.

  • Wizard’s Fireball would sometimes shoot at awkward angles
  • Executioner’s Axe would sometimes hit inconsistently or while moving backwards
  • AI players would walk instead of run
  • AI players in Fortify games would not seek Relics
  • Improvements to NPC logic, mainly Skeletons
  • Hit Effects were not selected properly for some characters
  • AI players sometimes never respawned in Duel and Fortify games
  • Improvements to Dazing (being stunned by an attack) while in the air
  • Basic swimming controls were not working (ascend/descend underwater)

We’re working on major combat improvements and content additions, including new maps, for the next Major Update. We will be posting a full Roadmap in an upcoming announcement!